Warehousing Terms


The process of stocking a product according to the conditions determined for usage or shipment.


Piling the materials upon each other to use volume vertically. 

Supply Chain Management

 Systematic and strategic coordination of the operation functions and plans regarding these companies to the extent that it includes all the companies in the chain in order to increase long-term performances of the supply chain and all companies within this chain.

Temporary Admision (Warehouse)

The acceptance process carried out before the final acceptance of the materials coming to the storehouse. Various control processes are carried out on the materials taken into temporary acceptance and the final acceptance process is then commenced.


The operation whereby the materials are unloaded appropriately from a vehicle such as a train, plane or truck and placed in an appropriate location. 

Value-Added Operations

Operations such as labeling, packaging, folding, heat measuring, transferring, mixing, splicing, palletizing, light assembly, return processing, destruction, barcode processing, maintenance-repair operations made in the storehouses upon customer request. Each operation adds value to the product and these operations are priced.