Borusan Logistics’s R&D Department has been approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology as a Logistics-Based R&D Center. The R&D center where innovation and digitization works will be conducted will provide Borusan Logistics with at least an additional 5% increase in sales and a cost advantage of up to 3% for its customers.

December 14, 2016 – Istanbul. Borusan Logistics, one of the leading logistics companies in Turkey, is shifting things up a gear with R&D works in the fields of innovation and digital transformation. 

With the Law on Supporting Research and Development Activities No. 5746, Borusan Logistics’s R&D Department has been approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology as a Logistics-Based R&D Center. 

Noting that their goal is to increase Borusan Logistics’ average growth rate of 20%, Borusan Logistics General Manager İbrahim Dölen said the following; “We focused on three main investments in 2016. One was to increase our port capacity. We completed that project at the beginning of June. Another important investment was in the field of wind energy logistics. We made an investment of approximately $2.5 million into new equipment to be used in project transportation for the first time in Turkey. Our most important area of investment was to develop and plan our road map up until 2020 for innovation and R&D fields. The first step of this investment was to receive the R&D Center certificate.”

“2017 will be a year of attack for Borusan Logistics”

Noting that they attach great importance to R&D works based on innovation and digital transformation, Borusan Logistics General Manager İbrahim Dölen stated that they act with a company approach that creates a difference and benefits, digitalizing and providing R&D center solutions for all business structures and perspectives. 

“At the end of 2011, we laid the foundation of the Electronic Transport Network (eTA), which is a 100% Borusan Logistics company now, at our R&D Center established in Tekno Park. This was also a first in the Turkish logistics sector. Our innovation and R&D activities continued without slowing down with our R&D Center certificate received in 2016. Dölen reiterated the successful results obtained through their innovation approach and R&D works, allowing them to put two important brands at the service of consumers, namely eTA, which brings SMEs and truckers together on a digital platform and Bukoli, which facilitates e-commerce deliveries and creates a win-win model for all.

İbrahim Dölen highlighted that technology is one of the main driving forces for profitable and sustainable growth today:

“From now on we will take much stronger and faster steps by putting resources provided by public incentives into use too. This will allow us to rapidly develop the digitalization of all of our internal processes and simultaneously the possibilities for developing and mobilizing the experiences we provide to our customers. 

We will continue to be a leader in providing benefits to our customers and making a difference in our industry with our digital projects entitled Simulation, Big Data & Optimization, Robotic Solutions, and Mobilization.

Our investments in the field of R&D and innovation have reached 100 million TL so far. We continue our investments in this area at full speed ahead. We are increasing our R&D staff by 25% in 2017. I know that these efforts supported by the Borusan Technology Development and R&D Center will be our greatest power in creating the Borusan Logistics of the future.” 

“The support by the public empowers us”

Borusan Technology Development and R&D General Manager Dr. A. Murat Yıldırım stated that Borusan has set very serious and ambitious objectives in the area of R&D, especially in the fields of innovative product and service development and digital transformation. He underlined that public support and incentives, especially that of the Ministry of Science and Industry and Technology, is very important in this respect.

Yıldırım explained how Borusan R&D has come a long way since it was founded at the beginning of 2015; 

“We have broken a lot of ground in 2015. As a first step, we have completed a Technology Capability and Competency Analysis of our companies and created our Technological Road Maps from this. Thus, with short, medium and long-term strategic technology planning, we have identified the technological areas of work which Borusan R&D needs to focus on and have launched our R&D projects accordingly. During that time, we also launched the establishment of three new R&D Centers in our group with the aim of creating the R&D infrastructure in all Group companies and leading the execution of R&D activities. The first of these was the Logistics R&D Center. We continue our work on an Advanced Material Development R&D Center and Design and Engineering R&D Center. At this point, I am delighted to be able to say that Borusan Logistics R&D Department has been approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

R&D Center employs 49 researchers

Borusan Logistics’ R&D Center, which has completed many innovative projects to date, currently employs 49 researchers, most of whom have been trained in computer technology. 

Borusan Logistics R&D Center conducts joint works with universities and scientific institutions such as TÜBİTAK, as well as with its customers, who are the leaders in their respective sectors.

Borusan Logistics is also the only Turkish member of the Alliance for Logistics Innovation Through Collaboration in Europe (ALICE) technology platform, created by logistics companies within the European Union with their own R&D centers.

The aim of this platform is to develop the R&D and innovation strategy for European logistics and supply chain management processes. Borusan Logistics aims to have a voice in the development of future technologies by establishing a technological cooperation with the leading organizations in Europe thanks to its participation as a member of this platform.