Borusan Logistics goes beyond providing standard services to its clients on project logistics and maintains its position as a leading player in the industry with its needs-based solutions.

20.10.2015, Istanbul. Borusan Logistics continues to provide flexible and reliable turnkey solutions to its clients in project services with its extensive business volume, managed scale economy, services provided in Turkey and worldwide, experience in all logistics processes and competent, expert staff. About three years ago, Borusan Logistics included heavy transportation in its project logistics services with an investment exceeding USD 3 million. Thus, it has strengthened its position as the only Turkish logistics company that can provide services with turnkey solutions on a global basis.

Borusan Logistics: The place to go for turnkey project solutions

Under its project logistics service, Borusan Logistics transports non-gauged (bulk) products and heavy tonnage products with world-quality standard vehicles and various transportation modules from the point of production to the point of delivery at desired destinations in Turkey and all over the world.

Borusan Logistics provides ship chartering, multi modal transportation and heavy transportation services within the scope of project logistics.

It organizes approximately 330 ship chartering events per year, and carries out the offshore transportation of non-gauged and heavy-tonnage materials on a regular basis every month. Keeping track of all its processes instantaneously and on the spot, Borusan Logistics arranges river and sea ship chartering and international ship operations with its expert staff, including long-haul captains. Thanks to its years of experience and the extensive partner pool that this experience brings, it offers the most convenient ship to the customer’s needs. Moreover, thanks to its pipe transportation conducted in Turkey, it is also in the position of load owner in the eyes of ship-owners.

Noting that they have a very serious portfolio of ship chartering and multi-modal transportation, Borusan Deputy General Manager İbrahim Dölen said the following; “Last year we made a total number of 326 ship connections. About 180 of these were connections made for the companies belonging to the Borusan Group that we call group customers. The other 180 consist of connections made on behalf of other customers. Due to changing customer needs and tonnages, as well as the diversity of the country’s products, the directing of the ships of shipowners we work with, also know as “spots”, can be much more flexible and quick. With the project solutions offered in our port, we have broken many grounds and records in loading and unloading and in-field storage of different tonnages and volumes.

Borusan Logistics carries out domestic and international shipments of non-gauged and heavy-tonnage materials via its self-powered lowbed vessels from 3 to 8 axles in the heavy transportation services it carries out within the scope of project logistics.

Borusan Logistics creates value for its customers by inspecting road works and equipment suitability during transportation of materials, procuring the required necessary permission documents for its customers, assigning officials for loading/unloading and providing solutions in line with the delivery country’s customs procedures.

Borusan Logistics is the place for heavy transportation

Borusan Logistics is making its mark on the heavy transportation sector with its turnkey solutions. Its meticulous planning of all the details from the beginning make it the preferred business partner in wind energy farm logistics, one of the most difficult heavy transportation jobs out there. Borusan Logistics is able to carry out all legs of its heavy transportation projects, including the overseas parts.

Evaluating their assertive position in heavy transportation, Borusan Logistics Deputy General Manager Serdar Erçal concluded; “Heavy transportation is a rapidly growing segment with an increasing importance. Borusan Logistics, the leader of the Turkish logistics sector, entered this business area with a serious investment at the end of 2012. We rely on our service quality and we create value and a difference for our customers. Borusan Logistics will continue to demonstrate the strong performance expected of it in the heavy transportation business and grow rapidly.”