Borusan Logistics, which previously attracted attention by transporting a total of 200,000 metric tons of pipes to the US, each 12m long, on various projects, has completed another large-scale project. This time, Borusan Logistics transported 20,000 pieces of steel and infrastructure gas pipelines to the US, purchased by the US from Turkey at 24.5m a piece for the first time, crossing the ocean with eight ships carrying 40-50,000 metric tons each.

In the last six years, having transported 200,000 tons of 12m-long pipes to the US under the framework of projects Borusan Mannesmann has acquired in the US, this time, Borusan Logistics transported 24.5m of giant pipes in single pieces to the U.S. The pipes produced by Borusan Mannesmann within the scope of its new project in Texas, USA have been transported.

For the project, eight private ships with a tonnage of 40-50,000 each were used. Hatchways are normally kept small in the ships due to strength calculation reasons. However, as the pipes on this project were 24.5m in length, special ships with larger hatchways were required. The pipes were loaded to the hatches of these ships at Borusan Port using special tying and securing techniques.

Starting the transportation with ships leaving from Gemlik Port on April 8, Borusan Logistics transported a total of 100,000 metric tons and 20,000 pipes to Houston Port in the USA within eight months. Borusan Logistics Deputy General Manager İbrahim Dölen spoke about the damage-free delivery of the FBE-coated pipes, which clients in the US requested in single 24.5m-long pieces rather than the previously transported 12m in order to achieve lower resources and save cost and time. “As a result of negotiations conducted over three years, Borusan Logistics reached the point of being able to meet the request,” he said. “We are proud to be the only company that has had the capacity to carry 24.5m-long power line pipes from Turkey over such a long distance.”

Over sea and land

Emphasizing that there is no other structure that can provide integrated logistics service of this scale in Turkey, İbrahim Dölen highlighted the degree of difficulty caused by the size of tonnage, the distance traveled, the horizontal loading of the pipe lines, the ocean crossing, time constrictions, and the length of the pipelines. Dölen continued;

“For this project, the pipeline was delivered as both a project and a multi-modal cross-deck by being stacked in the stock area. Therefore, storage, port services on both sides, and land transportation in the US have also become an important part of our business besides sea transportation. The stock was loaded into the terminal area after the unloading of the ship in Houston as agreed. Later on, special trucks carrying the 24.5m-long pipes were transported to three different stockyards in Texas, about 200km from the port. Once again we did not disappoint our customers with this transportation. 

This confidence we now have in ourselves shows that Borusan Logistics is moving in the right direction.”