JIT (just-in-time) deliveries will be made from the Osmaneli factory of German company REHAU, the only supplier in Turkey specialized in gasket production, to Manisa-Vestel Eskişehir-Arçelik and Çerkezköy Bosch-Siemens factories with 2003 model towing trucks and semi-trailers specifically designed for the features of the load. Given REHAU’s 2004 sales targets, it is estimated that the current car park will expand further. In parallel with the contract signed by the Istanbul project sales department in July, vehicle procurement has been completed and semi-trailer modifications will be completed in the near future. We expect that our cooperation, which started with Rehau-Borusan Lojistik domestic land transportation, will increase by covering other services in upcoming periods. ABOUT REHAU - REHAU was established in 1948 in Germany in the town of Bavaria, bearing the same name as the state. Since then, it has carried out manufacturing with polymer materials. REHAU AG + Co employs 13,000 across the world, 7,000 of whom work in Germany. OSMANELİ FACTORY - The factory located in Bilecik, Osmaneli was built in 1989 and started its manufacturing activities in 1990. Employing about 200 people, it is established on an area of 84,000m2 and has a closed area of about 6,250m2. The Osmaneli factory manufactures magnetic gaskets for refrigerators, various profiles, and parts for the automobile industry, such as door knockers, glass covers and holder profiles.