January 8, 2008, Istanbul: Borusan Lojistik has crowned its works to date in the field of customer satisfaction with the ISO 10002 Customer Complaints Management System Certificate. The “Voice of Customer (VOC) Management System”, which has been implemented since 2003, has played a significant role in the success of Borusan Lojistik, the first and only company in the logistics sector to obtain this certificate. 

Borusan Lojistik uses the “Voice of Customer” (VOC) model, which emerged as a result of a 6 Sigma project completed in 2003 under the leadership of Borusan Holding, in order to listen to the customer’s voice and increase customer satisfaction. With this mechanism, all kinds of feedback (complaints, thank yous and suggestions) from the customers are evaluated quickly and analyzed and proactive solutions are presented in answer to the research conducted. In particular, quality and 6 Sigma applications are being used to trigger the necessary improvements for complaints to be reduced and not to be repeated. 

Speaking about the awarding of the ISO 10002 Customer Complaints Management System Certificate, Borusan Lojistik Deputy General Manager of Sales İbrahim Dölen said the following; 

“Borusan Lojistik shifted its route, in line with its restructuring process in 2002, towards a journey of excellence. One of Borusan Lojistik’s key objectives on this route is to manage innovation, speed, costs and quality effectively in all its processes to create added value for its customers. By using modern management techniques towards this purpose, not only does it makes a difference in the sector, but it is also regarded as an example by many companies outside the sector. In surveys on customer satisfaction in industrial products and services carried out by Borusan Lojistik as a result of its sensitivity towards customer satisfaction, Borusan Lojistik achieved an index level above average with 75 points in 2005 and 78 points in 2006, while average Trim index figures were 70 globally, 68 in Europe, and 66 in Turkey. We have been awarded with the certificate after enriching our activities under the VOC Model that we apply to improve customer satisfaction with the ISO 10002 standard. We are also proud of being the first and only institution in our sector to receive this certificate.” 

About Borusan Lojistik 

A Borusan member company, Borusan Lojistik was first established in 1973 to provide services to the group’s companies. In 2000, the company was restructured in order to offer its experience and knowledge to non-group companies. From then on it positioned itself as an integrated logistics services provider. Borusan Lojistik stands out as the one and only logistics company in Turkey which implements Lean 6 Sigma methodology implemented by just 10 logistics company in the world. The company has regional directorates located on Istanbul’s European and Asian sides and in Bursa, Izmir, Ankara, Adana and Karadeniz Ereğli. Borusan Lojistik provides services to the entirety of Turkey with Gemlik Port, Gebze Logistics Center, Köseköy Vehicle Logistics Center, Mersin Storehouse, and warehouse and transshipment centers in Izmir, Ankara, G. Antep, Konya, Eskişehir and Bursa. Providing services from its bonded and unbonded multi-user storehouses, customer-specific storehouses, transshipment centers, 232,000m2 capacity PDI center, and closed storehouses covering an area of 200,000m2, Borusan Lojistik is one of the leading 3PL service providers. Meanwhile, Borusan International, a subsidiary of Borusan Lojistik, started its operations in Dubai, Algeria, Iran and the Netherlands in 2007. Thus, Borusan Lojistik took a giant step towards becoming a regional power.