Borusan Holding has signed the 2°C Declaration, which calls for governments to create solutions in international climate change negotiations and take the necessary actions at a national level to ensure a transition to a green economy. 

Commenting on the declaration, Borusan Holding CEO Agah Uğur stated that climate change is one of the most important problems that the world is facing and that Borusan will participate in this challenge in all dimensions as a corporation. 

Borusan Holding stands among the leading global companies as one of the first signatories to the 2°C Declaration in line with its sustainability approach. 

The fifth edition of the declaration was prepared with the participation of business leaders from many sectors under the leadership of the Corporate Leaders Network for Climate Action. The Declaration was drawn up for the first time before the United Nations Climate Change Summit held in Bali in 2007 and has gained wide support from business and non-governmental organizations. Prior to the United Nations Climate Change Summits held every year since 2007, the Declaration has been updated and published and gained the support of a wider global group of signatories every time. 

Through this Declaration, the leaders of the business world are stating that they place great importance on climate change, sustainable development and establishing a green economy. In addition, the Declaration draws attention to the fact that the global temperature increase should be kept at a maximum of 2°C, by detailing the actions that will ensure the realization of green development. 

Stating that they attach great importance to sustainability and that they intend to participate in every way possible in the fight against climate change, Borusan Holding CEO Agah Uğur made the following comment regarding the issue: 

“Climate change is one of the biggest problems in human history. If public officials and private sector officials fail to take the necessary precautions in time, the sustainability of humanity will be at stake. We believe that a consensus at the UN Climate Change Summit in Durban will contribute to the successful conclusion of the Rio+20 negotiations.” 

Global temperature rise must not go over 2°C 

The 2°C Declaration highlights the fact that global in 2010 carbon emissions reached the highest level ever recorded, according to data from International Energy Agency (IEA) and stresses that if we continue this way, we will exceed the annual temperature increase limit of 2°C. The Declaration establishes the business community’s desire to work with governments to develop solutions to climate change and calls on governments to realize the following actions: 

International cooperation is needed on climate change. The decisions to be taken at the Durban conference are an important opportunity for ensuring consensus at the Rio+20 meeting. This cooperation will provide the flow of finances. 

Determining carbon prices by creating effective market mechanisms will contribute to long-term stability. Governments must adopt national market-based solutions. 

There is an urgent need to finance a low carbon and durable development model. The financing of the transition period is important because countries prioritize resource utilization for poverty, development and creating new, low-cost business areas. 

New technologies, skills and processes as well as relevant innovation efforts need to be encouraged. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) study, governments need to support R&D work and the dissemination of new technologies right now in order to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2050. 

Encouraging energy and resource efficiency provides a fast and cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and should be a priority target. 

Measures must be taken urgently to protect and increase existing forest areas. 

Governments must develop and plan policies in a holistic way to deliver climate-resistant and low-carbon infrastructure services. 

Borusan Group and Sustainability 

In addition to having a comprehensive corporate social responsibility program in the cultural and arts and education sectors, Borusan Group; 

• Signed the UN Global Cooperation Compact in 2006 
• Became the second member of the “Sustainable Development World Business Council” in Turkey in 2010 
• Became one of the first three companies from Turkey to sign the Cancun Declaration against global warming in 2010 
• Had its Sustainability Report classified as an exemplary report by the UN in 2010 
• Is a company group that works towards creating a Greenhouse Gases Inventory from its activities 
• Is a company group that conducts projects oriented to increasing energy efficiency 
• Is a company group that is committed to being respectful towards the environment, nature and natural life in all business processes