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Borusan Lojistik Rotor Blade Adaptor Investment

In our third issue of Vinç & Platform Magazine, we would like to cover your Scheuerle branded rotor blade adaptor investment, which got tongues wagging across the industry. We would be very pleased to hear your answers to some questions we’ve put together.

Borusan Lojistik is accelerating its activities in relation to wind farm installations. Could you tell us about your recent activities in the sector? 

We are aware of our leading position in the sector and that our privileged position spurs us to take new, groundbreaking initiatives in project logistics. First of all, we are providing a service to our customers that most companies in Turkey would find challenging to provide and to unequaled standards of quality. 

Recently, we have undertaken the project of transporting 30 gigantic wind blades belonging to 10 wind turbines produced by Danish VestasWindSystems A/S. These blades, of which six sets are already in production, are being used in the Fuat Wind Power Plant Project located within the grounds of Borusan EnBW Energy in Kemalpaşa/Izmir. 

In the upcoming period we will be focusing on our current business as well as the business areas we have been rapidly developing. The fields of project logistics and wind farm logistics in which we launched ground-breaking initiatives last year will once again be on our agenda. 

A short while ago, you invested in brand-new equipment with the potential to make a real difference in wind turbine blade shipments. How did you come up with the investment idea? 

The word ‘impossible’ is not in our vocabulary, especially considering our commitment to our customers to be ‘simple, accessible and fast’. The shipment project we undertook for VestasWindSystems A/S required us to carry the blades on a 10km long stabilized road at a 50 degree angle in a perpendicular position. On the other hand, the fact that the shipments were to be made on a road with an 18% gradient also had the potential to cause serious issues. Considering that an 12% gradient is considered extreme by industry standards, readers will have a better idea what challenges one faces when carrying out shipments on a road with 18%. 

In accordance with our environmentally focused approach, we began looking for more practical ways to transport the blades. We realized that we could transport giant 60m high blades on our 15m long trucks using rotor blade adaptor technology. Thanks to this technology, our vehicle length was reduced to 35m. Allowing us to carry the blades at a 50 degree angle, the rotor blade adaptor was able to reduce our road construction costs while at the same time operating an environmentally sensitive system for new road construction. Thanks to the ‘blade lifter’ technology we used in this context, we carried the blades at a 50 degree angle and prevented 10,000 truck loads of earthwork from having to be dug out. We also prevented more than 100,000m3 of soil loss, protecting the ecological balance in the process. 

Was there any particular reason why you chose the Scheuerle brand? What market research did you do before making the purchase decision? 

There are two companies producing this kind of technology. We met representatives from both companies and requested detailed technical reports. On the other hand, we also found that the Scheuerle Rotor Blade Adaptor was available on the Turkish market before the customer decided to use said adapter for its Fuat Wind Farm project. 

In addition to the product reviews and technical assessments we made during the decision-making process, the availability of the adapter on the Turkish market was also one of the factors that led us to make this purchasing decision. Scheuerle made some improvements to the product and added some extra features in accordance with our demands, offering us just the kind of product we needed. Of course, the firm’s ability to make use of the experiences of companies using the same type of machinery also made the process faster. 

What sort of advantages will this equipment bring to your operations?

Equipment such as the rotor blade adaptor makes a real difference for our customers. We offer them the added benefit of using rare technology available only in a few countries and seen as revolutionary in the wind energy logistics sector in particular.

As you know, wind turbine rotor blades are one of the hardest loads to carry. Sharp bends along the road and the uneven ground pose serious challenges. Add to that the trees and buildings you come across along the road, making the process even more challenging. The new generation of rotor blade adaptor technology, produced with this knowledge, offers the best solution for reaching the target by overcoming obstacles such as trees or buildings. This technology, which enables the blade position to adapt to the road, also prevents time loss during transportation. 

Using the rotor blade adaptor requires training and certain skills. Have you received any sort of training support from Scheuerle and Arkun Metalurji? 

After taking the decision to rent the equipment, our technical team conducted serious studies to prepare the necessary technical infrastructure for the equipment that was to be used for the first time in Turkey. That allowed them to get some knowledge of the workings of the equipment.

We also ensured that both our supplier and our operations team received training from the company. In addition to the training programs, we have carried out our initial shipments getting support from Scheuerle and its customers in Germany, considering there is no technical team in Turkey capable of performing such an operation. We will continue giving training on the equipment, which we plan to execute in August.