At the top of the agenda for today’s foreign trade transactions is the simplification and acceleration of transactions. This means starting and ending customs clearance formalities, which are an inseparable part of foreign trade transactions, within the same framework. The public authorities require transactions to be carried out in accordance with the law, and the owner wants to withdraw his or her goods as soon as possible from customs. The Customs Consultant must fulfill both of these requirements in a very fast but legal manner. Customs procedures are required to be more and more mobile with each day that passes. Due to those needs, Istanbul Head Office has been reorganized and divided into two branches, Yeşilköy (European Side) and Kavacık (Asian Side), in order to provide our customers with a more efficient, productive and speedy service. Yeşilköy Branch’s legal procedures have been completed and since August 2, 2004 it has started to provide services from the World Trade Center (Yeşilköy) with a staff of 22 lead by our valued colleague Taner İper. We believe that our new organization will create a synergy for our customers and our employees. We extend our wishes of success to all of our colleagues.