Bor Gümrük corporate website was given a new look in December 2012. The website, which symbolizes Bor Gümrük’s reliable position in the sector and its fast and accurate working style, was prepared as part of the Lean 6 Sigma Improvement Project. While preparing the content customer expectations have been taken into consideration, making it more comprehensive and user friendly to meet customer needs. 

The website where all kinds of information about Bor Gümrük is shared also provides a practical and fast infrastructure for feedback and demand management. In line with Bor Gümrük’s awareness and consultancy vision and its responsibility to be an information resource for the sector, the new website focuses on the legislation, the most important source of information for the customs sector. Interpretations and explanations of the legislation have been categorized according to year and key words for quick and easy access. An important information library for the sector has been established through the explanations given in the frequently asked questions section. 

With the new design, customers can follow their processes instantly through the declaration tracking system and electronic archive systems. Automated reports sent via the declaration tracking system provide summary information flow about daily activities. Through the e-archive, all declarations and documents are kept in the electronic environment for the period required by law, facilitating the provision of documents in customs audits. In addition, it also allows authorized users to print documents out in their own offices. 


You can visit the new website at