Borusan Contemporary Perili Köşk Istanbul was founded in order to bring the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection to a wider range of people and increase the interest in contemporary art in Turkey. As Turkey’s first office museum, Borusan Contemporary aims to be a pioneer in our country via both the physical environment and the visit experience it presents. 

Outstanding pieces of the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection are exhibited at Perili Köşk, open to all art lovers from 10am-8pm on weekends. In addition to the selected pieces from the collection exhibited at the weekend, the building, which serves as the Holding’s office during the week, also hosts solo and mixed exhibitions by major curators from Turkey and around the world. 

Another purpose of the museum is to contribute to Turkey’s cultural and artistic scene by supporting exhibitions, special education programs and interviews for children and adults from all age groups. 

You can follow the official website and social media accounts to get information about the exhibitions and events organized by Borusan Contemporary.