Borusan Logistics measures the success of its customer-oriented applications and operations in order to realize its mission of “adding strategic value to the supply chain” with the results of its Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted each year. A TRI*M Index score of 81 points has been achieved for the 2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey, maintaining the company’s world-class position and its status in Europe. 

The results of the survey are evaluated according to the type of service, customer service sector and service area and are then analyzed every year in a workshop. Through this workshop, action proposals for areas of improvement are established and input is provided to the business plans. 

Borusan Logistics’s 2011 customer satisfaction survey will open in the second half of October. As with every year the survey will be conducted by an independent consultancy company and appointments will be made with Borusan Logistics customers selected at random, so that questions can be asked and opinions can be taken. 

As with every year, the protection and development of the level of customer satisfaction will be Borusan Logistics’ priority for 2012.