The EMT Case Study Competition, the first undergraduate level case-solving event in Turkey, will be held on 7-8 May 2011. Now in its sixth year, the EMT Case Analysis Competition (CAC) is a national contest in which third-year and fourth-year industrial engineering students at EMT member universities, as well as first year postgrads take part in teams of three or four. 

Aiming to improve problem solving and analytical skills in basic industrial engineering tasks, the Case Analysis Competition is the first undergraduate level case-solving contest to be held in Turkey, asking students to find a solution to the problems encountered that provides the lowest cost, maximum efficiency, and profit in the shortest time possible. The contest thus aims to enable industrial engineering students to face the challenges of business life, giving them a taste of the potential problems they may face in the professional business environment, the projects they will be involved in and the crises they will have to manage. 

The Case Analysis Competition starts each February with local elimination rounds held at every EMT member community. Following these rounds, the contest continues with two national semi-finals held at EMT member universities in March, ending in the grand final in May. Case presentations at the contest are made to juries of four or five experts from the related academic and private sector. The top three teams in the final receive an award. Borusan Logistics Deputy General Manager for Port Operations and International Transportation Özgür Soy and Borusan Logistics Deputy General Manager for Financial Affairs Elvan Hamidoğlu are among the jury members this year.