Borusan Logistics continues to work on structuring and geographical expansion in line with its vision to “Lead in Logistics Beyond Boundaries” through its companies with 100% Borusan Logistics capital located in the Americas, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Over the last period, Borusan Logistics International Algeria has begun to provide services by signing an agreement with three leading brands in Algeria’s own industries. 

Of these companies, Safia, a state-owned oil and soap manufacturer, was sold to Cogral SPA within the scope of the series of privatizations made in 2006. Safia is among the top three companies in its sector in Algeria. Borusan Logistics International Algeria has signed a one-year contract with Safia to carry out its internal transportation services. 

Another company, Saint Gobain PAM Algeria, one of the group companies of Saint Gobain which employs 193,000 people in 64 countries, serves in the design and installation of water distribution systems and water pipelines. Borusan Logistics International Algeria has now started to provide port handling and internal distribution services to the company. 

Finally, Borusan Logistics has started to provide transportation services via dedicated vehicles to Mediterranean Float Glass, which was founded in 2007 and is the biggest glass producer in Africa and one of the biggest export companies in Algeria.