Logistics 2003, one of the sector’s most important events, was held at CNR International Fair Center between 2-4 October 2003. Borusan Lojistik explained its services and the different applications it provides for the sector to participants that visited its stand. 

LOGISTICS 2003, one of the logistics sector’s most important events, was held for the third time at CNR on October 2-4. The fair, which brings visitors together with the leading companies that manage the logistics sector and has a big role in the growth of the industry, attracted great interest. Visitors to Borusan Lojistik’s stand were introduced to the company range of services from customs clearance, transportation and port operations, to storage and the applications and practices, such as Voice of the Customer (VOC), that make it stand out it from other companies. 

Having met with sector representatives at many fairs so far, Borusan Lojistik informed the fair participants about integrated logistics and how this works. In addition to all of the above, it provided information about different applications for the sector such as Voice of the Customer. 

Speaking about the event, Borusan Lojistik Deputy General Manager of Logistics, Sales and Marketing İbrahim Dölen said the following;

“The logistics industry stands out as one of the information-based service sectors of our time. Therefore, it is important to inform customers correctly while providing this service because the customer shapes and directs expectations according to the information they receive. However, their expectations may vary. It is necessary to listen to these expectations, analyze them correctly, and apply them to the business process. Companies that plan their future in this way will win in the long term. Our company is aware of this and listens to its customers and we manage Borusan Lojistik according to the results obtained from expectations.” 

Note to the Editor: 

About Voice of the Customer (VOC) 

The implementation of VOC began with the idea that the most important priority in the services provided by Borusan Lojistik is to provide lasting customer satisfaction. The practice has three steps that consist of listening to “the voice of customer” systematically and regularly, properly analyzing this feedback, and improving services and processes according to the analysis performed. Thanks to this application, customers can answer questions of their own choosing, send them to the company and benefit from the privileges offered. This means that the company can continuously measure levels of customer satisfaction and provide value-added services based on expectations, fulfilling the work carried out on behalf of its customers faster, more economically and at a higher quality. 

About Borusan Lojistik 

Borusan Lojistik operates in areas such as customs clearance, transportation, port management, warehousing, foreign forwarding and exhibition logistics. We provide services to our customers both in Turkey and abroad from the raw material to the consumption of the product, meeting needs such as quality control, national and international transportation, agency, port services, cantilever and general warehouse services, container services, package opening, stock management, consolidation, assembly, repackaging, final quality control, customs clearance, insurance, supervision services, on time delivery and the return cycles of these services. The company is equipped with the infrastructure to ensure that all these services can be provided without error and at superior quality standards. We provide superior logistics services to the leading firms of Turkey from our Gebze Logistics Center. With a land transport fleet consisting of 120 trucks, vans and tow trucks and around 500 contracted vehicles, Borusan analyzes the expectations and needs of its customers and directs its work accordingly.