On November 19, 2008 Borusan Lojistik received the IIP - Investors in People certificate, the first and only human resources standard that represents international human resources standards. This means that it has become the first Turkish Logistics company to certify its investment in human capital via its systems, processes and employees. 
Developed in England in 1991 to enable employee development in line with the goals and objectives of their corporation, IIP - Investors in People is the first and only international human resource standard. The IIP is a process improvement tool designed to increase the business performance and competitiveness of the corporation through the management and development of their employees. 
The companies that apply for the certificate must have a corporate understanding and practices that meet all 10 indicators and 39 criteria in order to be approved as an international human investment institution under the IIP Standard. 
Global and national competition increases every day. In this competitive environment where technology, products and services can be imitated very easily, we know that our human resources – our employees – are the only thing that cannot be imitated in any way and the only factor that can make a difference in achieving success. Therefore, the Investors in People certificate bears great importance for us. 

First we underwent the diagnostics phase in the IIP process. We saw areas where we were strong and areas where we could be better and we started to work on them. Our top management’s belief in investing in people has enabled us to improve our existing practices and make a visible difference. The IIP UK office interviewed our employees personally from October 20-24, 2008 and assessed the extent to which the processes and practices in our company meet the IIP criteria. We obtained the IIP certificate on November 19, 2008. 

Within the IIP Implementation and Evaluation Process and in line with our people and development-oriented management culture, our participatory management style, and the governance strategy of Borusan Lojistik, we aim to: 

?    Increase our employees’ awareness regarding their contributions to the company objective. 
?    Provide a different perspective in training oriented to the development of employees and ensure that they are able to see their contributions towards the objective of the department and company. 
?    Provide more frequent feedback oriented to the development of our employees during our performance and competence assessment