Borusan Lojistik eTA Platform Wins European Business Award 2019

Borusan Lojistik eTA platform has been ranked first in Europe in the category "Customer and Market Engagement" for 2019 by the prestigious European Business Awards.

... 2019, İstanbul. Borusan Lojistik eTA Platform has taken an important step forward by successfully competing in the European Business Awards. In the first round of the awards, in which 150,000 companies from different industries in 33 European countries participated, the eTA Platform was a “National Winner" going on to the finals along with 363 other top-class candidates. Following jury evaluation in Warsaw on December 4, 2019, the platform emerged victorious as the top European company in the category "Customer and Market Engagement".

The eTA Platform was the only Turkish company to be a category winner, despite 18 Turkish companies overall taking part in the European Business Awards event in different categories.

Customers at the heart of the platform!

Borusan Lojistik eTA is the first and only digital logistics platform to bring truck drivers and load owners together without any need for additional agents.

Truck drivers who join the eTA Platform can see potential loads and trips directly on their eTA mobile application, sending quotes instantly to load owners and making early targeted requests for loads for their return trips.

In turn, load owners using the eTA Platform can ask for appropriate trucks for their loads, evaluate all quotes received, chose the most suitable one, insure their loads, and track all the trip until the final destination.

The work on the eTA Platform began in 2012 as a result of internal entrepreneurship at Borusan Lojistik. The truck driver and load owner user experience, along with pricing and offer algorithms that support these, were then perfected over time based on multiple studies.

The scope of the eTA Platform was extended from early adopters to mainstream Borusan Lojistik users in 2019 and the eTA Platform now serves all Borusan Lojistik customers. Today, there are 156,000 truck drivers registered on the eTA Platform, with 36,000 having downloaded the eTA mobile application to their smartphones. Thanks to this progress, around 40,000 trips for 6,000 customers are now planned and completed monthly over eTA Platform.