Borusan Lojistik, one of the leading companies in the Turkish logistics sector, is also pioneering applications in the field of logistics on the internet with its new website. With the project realized by LuckyEye Interactive, Borusan Lojistik’s website has been totally redesigned in appearance, while e-business applications have been added. 

. October 2002, Istanbul: Borusan Lojistik has given its website a face-lift in cooperation with LuckyEye Interactive. Borusan Lojistik’s website at is now more user-friendly and functional. 

Borusan Lojistik has also launched several e-business applications on its new website. Thanks to the modules added on the website, organizations receiving services from Borusan Lojistik can follow exports/imports. With the inquiry module, customers can create their own questions and send them to Borusan Lojistik. Thanks to this, customer satisfaction can be constantly measured on the website. 

Noting that investments in technology are seen as a prerequisite for quality services at Borusan Lojistik, a spokesperson said the following; 

“Beyond strengthening our position in the sector, at Borusan Lojistik, we aim to lead the development of the logistics sector in Turkey. Creating e-business applications with our investments in our website serves towards our objective of being a pioneer along with obtaining top-level customer satisfaction. We are determined to implement the most up-to-date applications on our site by continuing to invest in technology. In this way, we will continue to provide services at world standards by keeping up with the technology network that encompasses the world and its developments.” 

Innovations to the Borusan Lojistik website: 

Borusan Lojistik’s newly designed website operates on LuckyEye’s content management system, LEDIS. With this software, Borusan Lojistik’s editors can easily update the site whenever they want. 

Borusan Lojistik can also maintain its relationships with its customers via the private customer communication area created on the website. With the e-business applications that are developed within Borusan Lojistik, our customers can track all their logistics needs from start to end online.