An iftar dinner was hosted by Gemlik Municipality Deputy Mayor Refik Yılmaz and Borusan Group managers in Gemlik İskele Square on August 15. The meal was attended by members of Gemlik Municipal Assembly and Gaziler Association, the families of fallen soldiers and 2000 Gemlik locals. 

Noting that the people of Gemlik came together in the name of fellowship and friendship in this most holy month of Ramadan, Gemlik Municipality Deputy Mayor Refik Yılmaz stated that he was happy to share the same table with the people of Gemlik during the iftar dinner hosted in cooperation with Borusan. Yılmaz pointed out that Borusan Holding has signed a protocol with Gemlik Municipality for the construction of a 24-class secondary school which will make a serious contribution to education in Gemlik. He also noted that Borusan was responsible for the construction of Çarşı Mosque, which answers important needs in Gemlik, and expressed his hopes that these activities made in the environmental and social field will serve as an example to other private sector organizations, and public and NGO cooperations. 

In a speech given after the iftar dinner, Borusan Logistics Deputy General Manager of Port and International Transportation İbrahim Dölen said, “At Borusan, we are very pleased to be able to experience the joy of iftar in the month of Ramadan and come together at a common table with the people in Gemlik where we carry out our production activities. Gemlik is a very important and valuable district for us. We strive towards supporting the development of this region. At Borusan, we believe that maintaining a dialogue with the local people is the most basic element of sharing the good things that will emerge with unity and togetherness. We will continue to do whatever we can towards this goal. I would like to extend my respect and love to everyone, and hope that this holy month of Ramadan will bring us good tidings for the rest of the year to come.” 

The iftar meal was followed by a performance by a traditional Ottoman military band, ensuring a great night was had by all.