The first phase of the $100 million expansion investment to be launched at Borusan Port in 2008, which has been operating since 1984 under Borusan Logistics, has been completed in the last quarter of 2009. 

Borusan Port, the fastest and most efficient port in the region, aims to become the market leader in South Marmara with this expansion investment. Reaching a capacity of 5 million metric tons for general cargo, 400,000 TEU containers and a vehicle handling capacity of 250,000 with the first phase investments, the port has a 1,400m berth and a terminal area of 360,000m², 
with 280,000m² being with bonded and 80,000m² being unbonded. 

Constructed as a high technology operations center, Borusan Port offers its customers the services it has developed to meet the needs of its different customers in various sectors from two specialized terminals. 

BCT (Borusan Container Terminal): With its container terminal which provides a minimum water depth of 14.5m at every point of the 450m long linear dock built as part of the port investment and 18 lines with SSG (ship to shore gantry) cranes, it is one of the three ports in Turkey which can serve Super Post Panamax vessels up to 10,000 TEU. Able to provide four berths of 200m and above, the terminal is structured to serve world-class vessels of different sizes with a total of five container pier cranes. 

BMT (Borusan Multipurpose Terminal): At the multipurpose terminal, 5 million metric tons of general cargo can be handled annually thanks to our seven MHCs with a lifting capacity of 40-100 metric tons. 

Like all the world’s ports, Borusan Port is also transitioning over to Sparcs N4 (Navis) application. This technology incorporates over 150 ports worldwide and handles 25% of the world’s container volume, allowing all container movements to be carried out online and from one location. In addition to the productivity it creates, the system enables simultaneous sharing of operations with customers. 

Turkey has a total of 174 ports, 24 of which are run by the government, 27 by local municipalities, and 123 of which belong to the private sector. However, the number of ports with infrastructure that is up to world standards is very small. 

The investment into Borusan Port was planned by taking into consideration the compatibility of three key parameters; the length of the pier, the depth of the water, and equipment. Now with this investment, Borusan Port possesses features allowing it to accommodate world famous giant ships. 
Borusan Port has a parking area of 7,500 vehicles and in its new investment areas it can provide for the export of more than 250,000 vehicles produced in Turkey every year thanks to RO-RO ramps suitable for all kinds of ships. 

In addition to these services, it is the leading port of the South Marmara region with value added operations, CFS and container repair operations designed according to the needs of its customers. 

With pregate-gate applications realized as a result of lean process design activities, turnover for vehicles in the port has been reduced to under 30 minutes. 

Thanks to its location and surrounding area, Borusan Port is at a critical point in its customers’ supply chains for the automotive, iron and steel, white goods, and machinery sectors, all key industries for the Turkish economy.