A strategic partnership between Borusan Logistics and Arthur Andersen will provide projects to enable existing logistics activities to be carried out more efficiently and at low cost thanks to on-site current situation determinations made for customers wanting logistics services. 

What is meant by low cost is directing long-term cost reduction efforts through effective use and planning of resources, rather than lowering the unit prices of the services provided. 

By focusing on their core business, companies can increase their development to create a competitive advantage in the industry and leave the business processes supporting their areas of activity to the experts. With the Borusan Logistics - Arthur Andersen Strategic Partnership, projection, status evaluation, target structure creation and realization works are offered for integrated logistics services by using the current resources and expertise of both companies. 

The Borusan Logistics - Arthur Andersen Strategic Partnership is the latest project in the line restructuring efforts that Borusan Logistics launched in July 1999 to advance itself to a leading position in the third party logistics sector. 

The vision, mission and strategies of the company have been determined by considering work carried out so far, the characteristics of the industries which Borusan Logistics primarily serves, namely the appliances, machinery, automotive, iron and steel sectors, projected targets, global trends in the third party logistics sector in the world, and technological developments supporting logistic operations. These have then been used to establish where Borusan Logistics needs to be in five years’ time. 

In line with the Borusan Logistics - Arthur Andersen Strategic Business Partnership, it is aimed to best present the customers’ integrated logistics services and to advance the Turkish market in terms of its third party logistics concepts. The most effective way of making this objective a reality is seen as putting forward these gains and their examples. 

The Strategic Business Partnership agreement will be signed by Company General Manager Atilla Yıldıztekin, representing Borusan Logistics, and International Partner Mr. Şaban Erdikler, representing Arthur Andersen Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti.