An emergency is a natural or man-made event that is unpredictable and causes great damage and loss in structural, social and economic terms. The types of emergencies are as follows. Earthquake, fire, flood and deluge, industrial accident, work accident, traffic accident, hurricane/cyclone, sabotage and similar public disturbance, explosion, uncontrolled discharge, hazardous material spill and leak, toxic gas leakage, and potential hazards from neighboring organizations. One of these emergency types, fire is the emergence of light (flame) and strong heat with the uncontrolled combination of oxygen, combustible matter and heat. Each element of the triangle is present in our lives at every moment. And if these elements come together, then fire becomes a real danger we have to face. It is important to consciously prevent fire from the very beginning and to eliminate it in the event of a possible fire with minimum damage and minimum loss of life. The fact that it has not happened before does not mean that it will never happen. With this in mind, theoretical and practical training was planned in order to raise awareness among Borusan Lojistik employees. Fire Awareness Raising Training, which is the first stage of the fire training being conducted under an agreement with Met Group, was given to all of our personnel by Timuçin Akçakaya on 21-22 April 2004. In addition, fire drills were practiced as the first intervention in case of a fire on April 24, 2004. With this training, our company aims to be able to make the first intervention in time in case of a possible fire and to eliminate the fire with minimum damage and loss of life.