In May, Borusan Port hosted the largest container ship ever hauled to it. The 295m-long Sabalan, flying under the Maltese flag and operated on behalf of container line HDSL, left Borusan Port after making 850 moves in 17 hours. 

Here’s some facts to help you understand the magnitude of this ship: Measuring 295m in length, the ship is the size of about three football fields and can carry 5,000 20ft containers at the same time and a load of 67,000 metric tons. In addition, it can go at a speed of 25 knots (46km/h) when out to sea. 

After the operation, the Sabalan departed from Borusan Port with a 13.40m draft, the highest ever recorded in the Gemlik region. 

Providing direct service to the Far East from the Gemlik region with HDSL container line, Borusan Port contributes significantly to the Turkey-Far East trade. 

Now that Borusan Logistics’ expanding port – one of its most important investments ever made – has been proved capable of this successful operation, it will aim to serve even larger vessels in the future.