With the cooperation between Borusan Lojistik and ÇEKÜL Foundation Information Tree a private garden has been founded for pupils with physical and learning disabilities who study at the Pendik İTO Special Education Business and Application Center.

13 November 2015 Istanbul: The Okyanus Volunteers Team consisting of employees from Borusan Lojistik and ÇEKÜL Foundation designed a private garden for the special pupils of Pendik İTO Special Education Business and Application Center. Borusan Lojistik employees brought their own children along to the event and stated that it was an opportunity for their children to experience succeeding in a task, to recognize the differences that are a part of the community, and to learn how to be around people who are different from them without discriminating against them.

In addition, before the event, experts from ÇEKÜL Foundation Information Tree provided all the participants with training on how to communicate with individuals with learning and physical disabilities. After emphasizing the fact that we need to overcome social barriers shaped by our social preconceptions and focus on one-on-one communication, the officials were then able to experience the joy of making the garden together with the pupils.

Tuğba Paşalı made a speech at the activity attended by ÇEKÜL Foundation employees and volunteers from Borusan Lojistik and their families, saying, “Working in cooperation with ÇEKÜL, Borusan Lojistik Okyanus Hayata Değer Volunteer have sown the first seeds of the Happy Hands Garden project together with the children of İTO Special Education Business and Application Center! With the awareness that what brings us together is not our similarities but our differences, we hope to continue our project for many years to come. It is our greatest goal to support the pupils of İTO Special Education Business and Application Center in becoming independent and happy individuals and to raise more sensitive individuals by incorporating nature and the land into their lives. As the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said, ‘There are no individuals to be sacrificed in education’. At Borusan we are aware of the fact that this step is just the first of many, and that we have a very long way to go.”

Meanwhile, taking to the stage at the event, ÇEKÜL Foundation General Manager Yeşim Dizdaroğlu said the following; “The most fundamental difference with these volunteer projects is that everyone is working together united towards the same cause with sincere intentions. On this project carried out in collaboration with Borusan Lojistik we didn’t have to ask for any official backing or funds, we just invited the volunteers. Now, seeing the results that we’ve achieved, we can see how right our decision was.” In the garden created so that the pupils can get hands-on about nature, the children will be able to grow organic fruit and vegetables, as well as play games.