Within the past few months, our Information Systems group has launched a series of projects in order to keep our changing needs aligned with our corporate strategy and to build a stronger infrastructure. With the aim of ensuring that our SAP system becomes more open to externalization and other systems and to better support the new systems to be built on it, we switched from IBM AS 400 system to HP System as one of the first necessary steps. The project has seen both the operating system and database system changed, breaking new ground in Turkey. Meanwhile, this establishment of a truly modern, technically secure system has also been published by HP as a success story. In the second step, the project for switching SAP software from the old version to the new version was started. The best group of consultants was brought together, allowing it to be completed in the space of about two and a half months. This project can also be considered successful given the fact that the average upgrade project duration was estimated to be 4-6 months. Thus, with version 4.6c, our SAP system is now working on SAP R/3 release, the most robust and well-established of releases around today. Now the BW/SEM (Data Warehouse and Strategic Corporate Governance) project has been initiated following the completion of the above steps in order to create an implementation and monitoring environment for our Value Based Performance Management (VBM) Project. One of our goals in this project is to create an environment in which our company and department quotas designed at the end of the VBM project can be tracked and stored correctly and in an up-to-date way. Another goal is to be able to carry out our budgeting and planning on this system. Our BW/SEM project was started at the beginning of March, and our initial goal is to have our revised budgeting process performed on the new system by June at the end of the first phase. In August, we will be able to monitor our company and department ranks through our new system. Once this project is successfully completed, it has the potential to be one of Turkey’s, and perhaps Europe’s, best success stories. Another project recently unveiled is the establishment of our Köseköy PDI center’s information technology infrastructure. This project has been successfully completed and the network infrastructure updated for certification by French network company Nexans. In one of our ongoing projects, it is aimed that our LYS system will be reviewed, improved and updated to a state where it can serve better both technically and functionally for our changing needs. This is a project which we have carried out jointly with our Operations Group and for which we have received the necessary support from our 6 Sigma Group. This project will also include a new warehouse management system application if necessary. Another project which we plan to start soon is the improvement and updating project for our Port Automation System Borlos. As part of this project, the necessary improvements and processes in our Borlos system will be implemented in line with our processes and our related groups will be informed. A General Warehousing and Shipment Planning/Implementation/Monitoring program was carried out by our Information Systems Group in order to support our new distribution and warehousing projects and to be able to work on the internet and collect and manage data from distant points in the future. This program is planned to be used initially in the İdaş and Genpar projects.