September 17, 2009, Istanbul: Borusan Port has carried out its highest ever volume and weight loading in a single piece. The pressure vessels manufactured by Çimtaş Çelik İmalat Montaj ve Tesisat A.Ş. for the Angola LNG project were loaded from Borusan Port to the Anna Sofia flying under the flag of Germany. Borusan Logistics and Çimtaş Çelik İmalat Montaj ve Tesisat A.Ş. conducted a three-day operation in order to be able to carry out the loading to its full extent without errors. 

The flawless operation saw the largest part weighing 1,050 metric tons, 50m in length and 8.6m in diameter, and the three other parts with a weight of 415 metric tons each, 18.6m in length, 6.7m in diameter successfully loaded onto the ship. 

All phases from the planning to the completion of the operation were simulated before loading. In order to do this, the port entry and in-plant itineraries were revised and detailed improvements were made to them. Detailed engineering works on static and dynamic strengths were carried out at the port entrance, the approach of the bridge roads and piers before loading. In addition, ship-berthing and operation simulations were carried out before the operation began. 

Speaking about the biggest loading operation ever carried out at a Turkish port, Özgür Soy, Borusan Logistics Deputy General Manager for Port Operations, said the following; 

“Çimtaş İmalat Montaj ve Tesisat A.Ş is a very valuable Turkish company that has carried out critical projects all over the world from Africa to the Far East, from America to the Arabian Peninsula, and is one of the two most competitive companies in the world in that regard. We are proud to have contributed to the realization of such an important project for Turkey as a company that has a mission to provide customers with competitive advantage. This is the product of a long planning process that has been a few years in the making. Our cooperation began when Çimtaş İmalat Montaj ve Tesisat A.Ş made its proposal and after making an analysis we decided that we could pull this off. The project was also made possible as a result of detailed engineering work. We aim to continue this cooperation of many years with reinforced strength. 

About Borusan Port 

The first phase of the $100 million expansion investment to be launched in 2008 at Borusan Port, which has been operating since 1984 under Borusan Logistics, is planned to be completed in the last quarter of 2009. Already the fastest and most efficient port in the region, with this expansion investment Borusan Port will become the market leader in South Marmara. Upon the completion of the investments, Borusan Port will have a 1400m berth and a terminal area of 280,000m², giving it an annual handling capacity of 6.5 million metric tons for general cargo, 400,000 TEU containers and 250,000 vehicles. Within the scope of the investment, a 450m linear pier is also being constructed at Borusan Port. The 450-m linear pier length will be the first of its kind in Turkey. The port will be able to serve giant ships with 11,000 TEU capacity thanks to its physical capabilities and equipment pool. 

Companies are able to receive general cargo and container discharge, loading and warehousing services at one single center, while RO-RO and vehicle parking services are also provided for imported and exported passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Through the services it provides, Borusan Port plays an key role in all international activities in Bursa and the surrounding provinces, all of which have an important place in Turkey’s automotive sector.