We all know that we are living in the information age. Instead of the letters and faxes of the past, we are able to access information via networks. The most cost-friendly and quickest way to access information is via the internet. On September 18, 2004, training was provided at Gemlik Bor Gümrük on the system infrastructure that will enable our customers to access information about customs formalities instantly via the internet. Our customs clearance officers at Gemlik Bor Gümrük have also been provided with hand-held terminals. Through the Customs Monitoring System: Everything about the declaration is entered by the employee on-site, online and can be viewed over the internet. The customer and the relevant customer representative can see the declaration status and the steps it passes from via the internet. They can also view the declaration. The requested information is automatically sent to the customer and his/her e-mail address. With a design that can be customized according to their wishes, our customers are provided with the possibility to gain early access to numbers and documents they need, shortening the billing process, while our company can ensure realistic and effective control of its employees and their performance and create healthy data infrastructures for costing.