We are coming to the end of the BORLOS project which we commenced on May 20, 2002. Installation of the Port Automation System Project software to be used in our office at Borusan Logistics Gemlik Port, conducted using our own resources, has been completed. RF & barcode automation works and integration works with other existing systems continue at full speed ahead. Our project objectives submitted to senior management prior to starting the works were as follows: 1. To minimize investment costs and keep within budget. 2. To ensure timely completion of the project. 3. To ensure full conformity with Borusan Logistics port management structure and simultaneous integration with our other systems. 4. To gather the port employees and their work on a single system. 5. To record the port operations on a second by second basis. 6. To elevate our port operations management system to corporate standards. 7. To increase the quality of the services we carry out on behalf of our customer. 8. To establish a corporate data model that creates a management structure based on data. 9. To set up the infrastructure that will provide internet services for the customer. The following is a list of the applications prepared, tested and to be commissioned within the process of the General Cargo Operation on December 2, 2002, along with Order Management, General Cargo Operation (RF), Container Operation (RF), and Order & Operation Control Order Accrual BORLOS - LYS - SAP Integration LMS (Logistics Management System: Land Transportation, Warehouse Management) services to the customer through EDI WEB: Borlos system main data, general cargo main data, ship traffic positioning, land traffic positioning, declaration procedures, pier order management, warehouse order management, summary statement/bill of lading transactions, warehouse work orders, pier work orders, order and material reservation, actual order quantity tracking, warehouse theoretical and actual stock tracking, customs declaration, shipment tracking, personnel tally tracking, equipment tally tracking. -- The applications to be completed and tested in December 2002 and commissioned within the process of General Cargo Operation as of January 1, 2002 are as follows: warehouse accrual - SAP integration, service accrual - SAP integration, Borlos - LYS - SAP integration, BBF and Borçelik integration, RF user training and RF & barcode field test works, operation reporting, tracking of the non-accrued services, port performance reporting, management reporting. -- Meanwhile, here is a list of the applications to be prepared, tested and commissioned within the process of Container Operations as of December 2, 2002: Borlos system main data, container main data, ship traffic positioning, pre-entering of the loading and discharge information to the system, line-basis container tracking, bonded and unbonded warehouse location tracking, summary statement/bill of lading tracking, warehouse accrual with container, line and customer basis, service accrual with container, line and customer basis, tracking of container movement information (RF systems), discharge, loading, port entry, port exit, internal unloading, internal loading, warehouse entry, warehouse exit, sampling, opening/closing, washing, sweeping, canvasing, tying and securing, transfer between stacks and areas, operation reporting, reporting of daily container movements to the container lines, and tracking of non-accrued processes. -- The Port Automation System Project has been supported by all employees to the highest extent and allowed rapid movement of the project team. So far we are ahead of schedule thanks to the teamwork that our colleagues have exhibited. We hope that the current level of support and enthusiasm to continue until the project is successfully completed.