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Since 1973, we have retained our leading position in the sector as an integrated logistics service provider. In 2012, we even went one step further and overtook Balnak, one of the 10 great players in the sector, to buttress our already powerful position in the industry. Today, we continue on our path of growth and expansion with our 3500 strong workforce behind us.

About Our Services
Third Party Logistics Services

Third Party Logistics Services

Port Management Services

Port Management Services

From its early days right up until the present, Borusan Lojistik has been engaged in a high-minded mission to add strategic value to supply chain operations.  With this aim in mind we continue to provide world-class quality services through continued investments into our strategically located Borusan Green Eco Port and our experienced and expert staff. Providing container, general cargo, project cargo, RO-RO, PCC, port and terminal services, our port currently boasts an annual handling capacity of 5,000,000 metric tons of general cargo, 400,000 TEU of containers and 350,000 vehicles. The port has a total berthing space of 1,600m and a 465,000m2 bonded/unbonded terminal, besides having the ability to serve container ships with a capacity of 13,000 TEU. With its current 560m-long linear dock and water depth of 14.5m, the port is designed for handling vessels capable of carrying 20 lines of containers.

Bor Gümrük

Our strategic partnership with Bor Gümrük continues, creating a synergy which allows us to make a difference in customs services.

Innovation and R&D

Thanks to our decision in 2011 to give more weight to R&D and innovation studies we became one of the first logistics companies to be awarded the On-Site R&D Certificate. Meanwhile, we became a member of the ALICE technology platform, made up of European logistics companies each with their own R&D departments, and launched two new innovative companies over the last four periods.


As one of the leading companies of the new, smart world, we continue our mission to be a global player by implementing the cutting-edge technologies we develop, and creating innovative business models with digital transformation and Industry 4.0 processes which have innovative and competitive services.

Borusan Lojistik in Figures

Turkey’s leading land transporter between Turkey and Kazakhstan

Pledge to plant 1,000,000 trees as part of ÇEKÜL Foundation's 7 Tree Forests

General cargo capacity of 5 million metric tons/year at its Gemlik port

Providing employment for 3,500 people

area of 465,000 m2 at Gemlik Port

Agency network spanning more than 100 countries

Strategic partnership with Bor Gümrük and synergy in customs services

Close to 3,000 run a day in Turkey

Vehicle capacity of 350,000 TEU/year at port

Distinctive solutions in wind energy logistics with technologies such as the rotor blade adaptor, used for the first time in Turkey

Vehicle logistics services on a total area of 850,000m

Handling of one of every two vehicles sold in Turkey

330 ship connections per year

400,000 TEU/year container capacity at port

Goods receiving and distribution between 81 cities with our partial services