With 2 main distribution regions around Turkey (Istanbul - Ankara) and a total of 21 transshipment centers, we are making partial shipment of 300,000,000 deci-kg to 81 cities each year. We effortlessly and completely transport the loads - which are traceable thanks to our need-oriented software - to customers in a timely fashion and offering continuous access through our dedicated customer representation services.

Geographical Reach



  • Specialized personnel. All staff members regularly receive professional competency, ADR and HSE trainings.
  • Goods receiving and distribution from 81 cities to 81 cities
  • Lean 6 Sigma
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Information Technologies

  • Software produced by our R&D Center
  • Data integration with our customers
  • Product tracking with barcode and handheld terminal
  • Online order tracking via customer portal. Link:
  • Electronic archive and access via web