In line with our policy and values, we focus on education, health, the disabled, environmental protection, consumption of natural resources and animal rights, primarily children, in relation to social responsibility, while we also support culture and arts in line with the common understanding of the Borusan Group and within the group synergy.

Borusan Group considers the concept of sustainability, which combines its environmental, social and economic dimensions, as the cornerstone of its business processes. As Borusan Lojistik, we ensure that all our activities are sustainable on this basis.

As an institution that stands out with its ethical values, we adopt the principles of sustainability while preparing the strategic plan for the next period and in our investments.

The first Borusan Sustainability Report, based on the globally valid GRI Sustainability Guidelines, was published in 2009. In December, it was found “Notable", that is, exceptionally successful and sufficient in terms of UN standards, by the United Nations' Global Compact Center in New York. Borusan continues to publish progress reports regularly.


Corporate Responsibility | Sustainability Reports (Holding Link)

Our Priority Environment

We prefer energy efficient equipment and infrastructures in all our investments. We reduce our energy consumption every year with LED Conversions, Solar Energy Systems, Heat recovery ventilation and insulation systems, efficient transport and lifting equipment.

With our Fast Card system, which we manage in all our land transportation operations, we prevent the use of number 10 oil and prevent supplier-sourced CO2 emissions every year. By choosing Euro 6 and above engines in our fleet vehicles, we prevent CO2 emissions and ensure its continuity with our route optimization and awareness programs on the basis of business units.

With our wing adapter, which is used in project and heavy transportation operations, we prevent tree cutting in an area of ​​​​approximately 15,000 m2 and ensure energy efficient transportation. We do not compromise our environmental awareness with our wing adapter operations.

With our ISO 50001 Energy Management System and ISO 14064 Carbon Emission Verification Systems, which we have integrated since 2012, we ensure the correct, efficient use of energy resources and emission reduction.

We are the first company in the Logistics Sector to have ISO 50001 and ISO 14064 certificates, and we share our data that is verified every year in our Sustainability report.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Within the framework of corporate social responsibility understanding, it is among our basic values ​​to consider not only the expectations of the employees, not only the customers and shareholders, but also the society.

We strengthen our cooperation with the society and our understanding of corporate social responsibility with activities aimed at complying with the law, setting an example and moving the industry forward (taking an active part in industry associations, sponsorship at sectoral summits, etc.).

Under the umbrella of Borusan Holding, we are proud of our Ocean Volunteers, who have saved millions of starfish for years, realize the value of a single starfish holding onto life and strive to make it known.

Borusan Volunteers Platform enables Borusan employees to use their knowledge and skills in social responsibility projects with a volunteering approach, to raise general awareness for future generations, to create awareness in the society and to produce effective solutions on education, health, children, the disabled, environmental protection, consumption of natural resources and animal rights. was created for the purpose. The platform carries out many projects from environmental cleaning to support for non-governmental organizations and joint works.

We develop project ideas in the Ocean Value for Life Volunteering Platform, which we established independently of the company, by Borusan Lojistik employees with the same vision in 2013, implement the projects whose feasibility studies have been completed together with their volunteers, and create resources for cost-effective projects by creating income models that are not based on the company.

By showing stability and growth on this path, with the intense support of young volunteers with a heart and soul like themselves, we carry out approximately 7 main projects in all these areas with the participation of an average of 227 volunteers per year and 1935 volunteer hours with our “Ocean Value for Life Volunteering Platform”.

As Borusan Logistics Ocean Value for Life Volunteers, born out of them, sharing the same mission and trying to exist in every need that is worth life, we always say, "We have to start somewhere!", we started and we continue to walk.