Borusan Port

As a significant customs gate for export and import operations conducted from Southern Marmara, the Aegean and Central Anatolia, from its strategic location at Gemsaz in the town of Gemlik, Bursa, Borusan Port provides 24/7 container, general cargo, RO-RO and project load, port and terminal services with its specialized personnel working to high OHS standards.

Service Details

Borusan Port specializes in the handling of steel products (steel rolls, pipes, sheet metals, profiles, etc.), palletized goods, and big bag and packaging products as a market leader for general cargo in its region. With an annual capacity of 5,000,000 metric tons, the port’s daily handling tonnage per ship is around 6000 metric tons.

Under the scope of its ship loading, unloading, terminal and warehousing services, Borusan Port manages all work processes in an integrated manner through its open and covered warehouses and type A and carnet de passage warehouse areas.


  • Loading/Unloading
  • Terminal Services
  • Bonded/Unbonded Warehousing Services
  • Securing Services
  • Stock Management

Borusan Port serves world-class super Post-Panamax type container ships with its 635m of berthing line and 14.5m water depth. At Borusan Port we have reached high handling speeds with our high technology equipment and are committed to a 90 knots/hour service level for main vessels. At the facility with the best service options for feeder ships in the region, we offer five different berthing alternatives of 200m and above. Thanks to NAVIS SPARCS N4 software, we work in an integrated fashion with our customers and plan and manage all our container, terminal area and dock operations in an integrated way. We have an annual container handling capacity of 450,000 TEU at our port.


  • Loading/Unloading/Shifting
  • Warehousing
  • CFS Operations
  • Reefer Container Terminal Services
  • Empty Container Storehouse
  • Stock Management
  • Repair Services

Thanks to our new investments, we have a stockyard with a minimum capacity of 7,000 vehicles, elevating us to the position of a port with significant capabilities in our region. Thanks to the vehicle parking lot’s close proximity to the dock, loading speeds on RO-RO vessels are an average of 130 vehicles per hour. The vehicle handling capacity of our port is 350,000 pieces per year.

  • Loading/Unloading 
  • Stevedoring
  • Warehousing 
  • Lashing 
  • Washing 
  • Minor Repairs 
  • Labeling 
  • Stock Management 

Each year at Borusan Port we handle about 40,000 metric tons of products with project cargo status, and various dimensions and tonnages, including Turkey’s largest scale project loads.
Our team has years of specialized experience in the field, and our special equipment and location advantage are just some of the reasons why we are the first choice for project cargo...

  • Loading/Unloading
  • Securing
  • Handling of any kind large scale cargo (machinery, tanks, wind turbines, coils, yachts, etc.)


  • 635 m. linear dock
  • 265 m. linear dock
  • 14.5 m. maximum depth
  • Port berthing capacity for Super Post Panamax vessels
  • Total berthing area of 838m with 4 alternative quays
  • Linear dock with maximum length of 284m
  • 12 m. maximum depth
  • Port berthing capacity for Panamax vessels



  • 3 pieces SSG cranes - 2 x 18 row handling / 1 x 20 row handling / Max. 74 tons handling
  • 8 pieces RTG cranes - 7+1 stack width / 5+1 tear height / Maxs. 41 tons handling
  • 6 pieces Stackers – 3 contanier reach stackers / 3 empty contanier stackers/ Maxs. 45 tons handling
  • 3 pieces MHC - 1 x 140 tons handling / 2 x 100 tons handling
  • 7 pieces heavy forklifts - 2 x 32 tons handling / 1 x 25 tons handling / 1 x 20 tons handling / 2 x 16 tons handling / 1 x 7 tons handling
  • 1 pieces light Forklift - 1 x 5 tons handling
  • 23 pieces Terminal tractor – Max. 120 tons pulling capacity
  • 10 pieces over head cranes - 4x35 Tons / 2x32 Tons / 2x25 Tons / 2x20 tons capacity
  • Supplier’s extra cranes / forklift / Terminal tractor support/ 2 x 40 ton handling / 1 x 100 tons handling / 1 x 63 tons handling / 6 x 3 tons handling / 1 x 1.2 tons handling miniloader



Fark yaratan çözümlerimiz

Information Technologies

  • In addition to enhancing the terminal’s capacity with NAVIS SPARCS N4 software, Borusan Port has further improved on labor productivity by ensuring full integration with customers in central planning, real-time reporting and container operations.
  • General cargo and RO-RO operations are tracked via Borusan Port’s own software BOPSNET and integration with customer systems is ensured.