Automotive Logistics

Today, we are handling one of every two vehicles sold in Turkey. Through our 15 years of vehicle logistics experience, we deliver new cars ready to be used by the end consumer to the dealers. We are proud to own the only multi-brand vehicle logistics center in Turkey, and we manage our stockyards through the RFID technology.

Borusan Lojistik is committed to meeting the consumer needs in the vehicle transportation industry through its expert employees and extensive distribution network. Thus, we adopted a business model that adheres to fast, safe, damage-free and on-time delivery principles which comply with the standards and respects the environment and nature.

Service Details

We provide the following services on a total land area of 235,000m2 in two facilities at Kocaeli Köseköy and Derince:


  • Vehicle receipt and entry checks
  • Stocking at bonded and unbonded areas
  • Additional fuel delivery and test drives
  • “De-waxing” and cleaning of vehicle exteriors
  • All functional vehicle checks
  • Vehicle interior cleaning
  • Aesthetic and diagnostic checks
  • Value-added services (accessory assembly, mechanical repairs, etc.)
  • Agency services
  • Ship loading/unloading operations
  • Port field handling
  • Initial fuel filling
  • Battery charging
  • Accessory appendage
  • Stock maintenance
  • Vehicle movements
  • Vehicle receipt and entry checks
  • Stocking in bonded/unbonded areas
  • Accessory assembly
  • Stock maintenance controls
  • Superstructure operations
  • Cold correction

With vehicles from both our own fleet and supplier fleets, we provide the following services to automotive distributors, automotive manufacturers, fleet leasing companies, and companies selling and tendering used cars:


  • Transportation of vehicles imported into Turkey to warehouses and bonded areas
  • Transportation of vehicles from factories to plants or vehicles to be exported
  • Distribution of vehicles ready for shipment to domestic dealers
  • Promotion and organization of shipments
  • Shipment of automobiles via two, three and four car tow trucks to areas in Istanbul where automobile trailer trucks are unable to enter.
  • Shipping of second-hand automobiles within Istanbul and from all around Turkey for leasing companies


  • We established Turkey’s first Vehicle Logistics Center.
  • We are Turkey’s first logistics company providing automotive field management with RFID technology.
  • We now manage vehicle logistics across an area of 1,000,000m2 for our customers.
  • We are providing PDI (pre-delivery inspection) services to an average of 100,000 vehicles each year.
  • 250,000 vehicles manufactured in Turkey are collected from their manufacturing sites and are loaded to ships for exportation
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Information Technologies

Based on customer requests at our service regions, we are able to track all vehicle movements online using RFID technology together with software developed by our R&D center.