Warehousing Terms


The process of moving the materials to their relevant locations and stocking them after they are accepted.

Radio Frequency Terminal

The device that transmits data to the computer using Radio Frequency technology. 


 The process of accepting the materials coming to the warehouse. The process involves unloading the goods and taking them to the receiving area, comparing the physical information with the registered information, storing the goods in the warehouse and keeping the records.


The provision of flow (availability-procurement) of different types of packaging and/or storage locations between the different handling stages of the material. For instance, transition from palletized stocking to boxed stocking and from boxed stocking to numerical stocking. 


The return of the goods purchased by the customer in exchange for a price as the goods are damaged or due to other reasons (not liking them, inability to afford them, etc.). 

Reverse Logistics

The return of goods and/or packing materials from the customers to their origin points due to damage, return, rejection, recovery of packaging materials, expiration, being obsolete, elimination, repair, etc. after delivery of the goods taken from the supplier(s) to the customer(s).