Road Transport Terms

TermsEnglishSet TermDescription
CONTAINER (OPEN TOP) Open-top container

This is a 2 TEU capacity container with an open top, or top than can be opened. It is used for storing and transporting bulk loads.

CONTAINER CHASSIS SEMI-TRAILER - Chassis Frame/Chassis Trailer

This is a semi-trailer with at least one axle and a chassis designed and manufactured for the purpose of container transportation with at least one twist lock placed at the end of cross members placed transversely according to the type of the container carried and the distance.


Vehicles that are operated by the authorization certificate holder but whose ownership and liability belongs to another on the basis of a notarized revenue sharing or lease contract. They operate on a per run or tl/ton basis. Contract vehicles operating on a monthly fixed fee basis are rental vehicles.


This is a legal entity that undertakes shipments using vehicles owned through an agreement or vehicles rented through other means on behalf of another company.


A semi-trailer covered with a tarpaulin system whose sides are partly open.


This is a semi-trailer whose side surface and top are closed by a side curtain system and which can be loaded from both the sides and top of the chassis.