Road Transport Terms

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A part made of forged steel that provides the connection with the fifth wheel of the semi-trailer. It is manufactured in different sizes according to the load capacity of the semi-trailer.


This is a type of authorization document that must be possessed by companies engaged in the business of international transportation according to the Law on Highway Transport. The term of validity is five years unless the violations stated in the provisions of the Law are committed.


Polyester bands used to fix a load by wrapping them over the load and fixing them to a surface, stretched by a tension mechanism known as a ratchet.

LOAD CAPACITY - Loading limit

This is the maximum load weight or number of passengers a vehicle can safely carry as specified in the manufacturing standards.

LOCOMOTIVE Locomotive, railroad engine

Diesel or electric machine used to pull all kinds of wagons on the railway.

LOW-BED Lowboy Gooseneck trailer

This is a semi-trailer that transports cargo with lengths, heights, widths or load tonnage differing from that which ordinary trucks and lorries can carry according to international and domestic road transport regulations, such as heavy duty machines or special project loads.