Land Transportation

We offer all transportation models according to the needs of our customers in our domestic transportation and distribution services with our contracted supplier infrastructure as well as our vehicles, and produce efficient solutions thanks to our strong information systems infrastructure.


With an annual total of 9.5 million metric TONS of transport and 3000 runs being made every single day, we are leading the industry in Turkey by a long mile. We ensure damage-free, complete delivery through our experience, network of suppliers, vehicle park suitable for common and flexible use, offices located across the whole of Turkey, and our spot market round trip planning using the same vehicles.



As part of our milk run operations, we manage the flow of materials from supplier to factory on a daily basis on behalf of our customers. By carrying out pick-up from multiple points, we ensure short-time, quick material flow according to time and load planning. 


Special Transportation Services

With our dedicated fleet of 350 vehicles, we make special deliveries to 81 cities in Turkey in 500 daily runs involving every type of vehicle. Delivering to 1500 homes each day, we also carry out assembly for the end user. We offer transportation and warehousing/handling services in line with specific customer expectations.


Partial Transportation

With 2 main distribution regions around Turkey (Istanbul - Ankara) and a total of 21 transshipment centers, we are making partial shipment of 300.000.000 deci-kg to 81 cities each year.