Bulut Teknolojileri Lojistik Sektörünü Geleceğe Taşıyor

Cloud Technologies Driving the Logistics Industry Forward

The largest digital platform in Turkey, and the third largest in Europe, Borusan Lojistik eTA has now completely transferred its technological infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Cloud services. The cloud-supported digital platform eTA allows the registered transporters, with a capacity of 150,000 trucks and trailers, to monitor e-tenders live on their mobile phones and all parties to safely manage all steps of logistics operations, from order to delivery.

While e-commerce is growing rapidly, at a rate of 42% a year in our country, the logistics industry is also experiencing a digital transformation that offers a fast return on technological investments. In the logistics industry’s globally challenging and competitive environment, companies must thus discover new ways to enhance the customer experience to avoid falling behind in the digital world, as well as finding means to make their operations faster and more efficient. Acting on this vision, Borusan Lojistik has combined its industrial expertise with digital technology investment to develop eTA.

Drivers Accessing E-Tenders on Mobile Phone:

As the first and only digital logistics platform of Turkey, eTA enables Borusan Lojistik to differentiate itself by providing quick supply, correct pricing, quick quotes, fast payments, 24/7 vehicle tracking, on-time deliveries, and instant reporting. The drivers registered on the platform are integrated into a supplier pool that fully meets the shipping parties’ expectations, with eTA providing tracking of vehicles from their starting points throughout all their stops, ensuring that all loads are safely delivered to their destinations. The modernized platform, based on Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure, uses cloud computing to provide access and control to both daily operations and application updates. All steps of the delivery can thus be presented to the customer via a portal, as the system allows online tracking of both loads and vehicles. For each transfer, an e-tender is created in the mobile environment.A total of 6,218 truck drivers participated in these tenders in August 2019 by accessing the user-friendly mobile platform, and 38,083 transfers have been made resulting in safe delivery of orders.

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