Energy Logistics

We have the capacity to perform all stages in the energy and project logistics process and facilitate our customers’ business processes with turn-key solutions. We combine our heavy duty car park, which we expanded in 2016 through an investment, our new rotor blade adaptor technology and engineering solutions, presenting our special solutions to our customers, particularly in the field of wind energy.

Rotor Blade Adaptors

Wind turbine blades are one of the hardest loads to carry. Particularly in the last phase of the journey, sudden turns and uneven roads create great difficulties for their transportation. The new generation of rotor blade adaptor technology produced with this in mind offers the best solution for reaching targets by overcoming obstacles such as trees or buildings. This technology allows you to adapt the position of the blades on the road without losing time on steep slops and winding mountain roads.

In addition, it prevents pre-determined wind speeds from being exceeded thanks to its wind sensor. The new rotor blade adaptor, which can be mounted onto modular trailers, provides maximum productivity and cost efficiency in everyday use by offering the guarantee of the most flexible transportation of blades from different brands with its quick release adaptor.

Rotor Blade Adaptor Technical Features

  • Lifting angle up to 60°.
  • Maximum rotor blade rotation angle: + - 110°
  • "Maximum stability due to a     hydraulically-operated balance weight, which slides horizontally and vertically according to the position of the rotor blade."
  • Remote control with radio access, wind speed, transverse gradient, rotor blade position and ballast position indicator. 


The rotor blade adaptor offers an environmentally-friendly solution, as the number of trees cut down for road construction can be minimized during the project process. The most important benefit of the rotor blade adaptor is that it shortens the projection length due to the removal of the rotor blade. The projection, which is 60m together with the length of the vehicle, drops down to 34m when this equipment is used. The shortening in the projection decreases the rotation radius. The use of the rotor blade adaptor reduces soil work on rough terrain, thus minimizing adverse effects by 20-30%.

The rotor blade adaptor allows zigzag operations to be eliminated and road expansion works to be reduced, helping projects to be completed at lower costs.


Thanks to its solutions that enable environmentally-friendly logistics operations to be carried out, the rotor blade adaptor can make it easier for our customers to get permission from local authorities via EIA Reports. Especially under mountainous rough terrain conditions, this technology helps reduce the land permit or expropriation costs and facilitates legal processes.