Ship Management

At Borusan Lojistik, we provide fast, economical, high-quality and safe services to our customers by ship to every port in the world, under the scope of our general cargo transportation services. In addition to marine transportation services, we also carry out regional price inquiries, port management, manage loading and unloading and land transportation, and provide maritime law consultancy services.

Marine Transportation Services
  • We charter 330 ships a year.
  • We conduct chartering operations for both river and sea vessels.
  • With our experienced staff, including long-haul captains, we inspect our customers’ foreign marine transportation operations on site.
  • Through our iron and steel shipments from Turkey, we act as a freight carrier on behalf of the shipowners.
  • Thanks to our experience in dry cargo and project shipments, we offer the most suitable ship to our customers through our large supplier database and manage the related processes.
Our Project Transportation Services
  • Road measurement reports
  • Appropriate port selection
  • Risk analysis
  • On-site tracking of overseas ship and project operations via our expert staff
  • Correct equipment selection for freight forwarding
  • Selection of suitable equipment for loading-unloading operations
Our Ship Loading, Unloading and Site Unloading Services
  • Loading services from ports and factories
  • Ship unloading services in ports
  • Unloading services in construction sites, ports and factories
  • On-site installation services
  • Crane rental services