In line with our policy, values and the corporate culture of Borusan Group, we focus on children as our top priority, along with topics such as education, health, the disabled, protection of the environment, consumption of natural resources, animal rights, and the promotion of culture and the arts.

Corporate Social Responsibility

One of our core values is to respect not only the expectations of our employees, customers and shareholders, but also those of the community under our corporate social responsibility approach.
We strengthen our partnership with local communities and our corporate social responsibility through full compliance with the legislation, as well as activities aimed at moving the sector forward (actively participating in our sector’s associations, sponsoring summits, etc).
We are proud of our Ocean Volunteers operating under the roof of Borusan Holding, who have saved millions of starfish for years in appreciation of the value of a single starfish, striving to change public opinion in that regard.
The Ocean Volunteers platform was created with the aim of raising public awareness and effective solutions for future generations on important topics covering education, health, children, the disabled, environmental protection, consumption of natural resources and animal rights and encouraging Borusan employees to volunteer to use their knowledge and skills in social responsibility projects. The platform carries out many projects ranging from cleaning up the environment to providing support to NGO and joint projects.
In 2013, Borusan Lojistik employees sharing a common vision created the Ocean Value of Life Volunteers Platform, wherein we develop ideas for new projects and execute projects whose feasibility studies have been completed, on the strength of a financial model that does not cost the company for costly projects.
The Ocean Value of Life Volunteers Platform carries out seven projects a year, deriving its strength from its volunteers, whose numbers are increasing with 227 new volunteers joining each year, full of enthusiasm and energy to do their bit for the environment and putting in 1935 hours of volunteer work to help us stay on course towards achieving our objectives.
At Ocean Value of Life Volunteers we are united by a common vision and purpose; we believe that a journey of 100 miles begins with one step and that we have already taken that step.
If you wish to support our projects on an individual or company basis, you can contact us through the following links:

ISO 14001

Environmental Management Standard

Analyzing the environmental impact of our activities.

  • Planning and managing environmental improvement activities.
  • Reducing the negative effects of our activities on the environment in a sustainable way as a main priority.
  • Planning for and managing emergencies. Being ready for emergencies at all times.
  • Operating with a high degree of environmental awareness.
  • Separating our waste at its source and disposing of it in such a way as to minimize damage to the environment.
  • Considering environmental factors in all our relations with suppliers and customers.